Designing and Building an Ambassador home takes more than precision, experience and expertise.  It also takes a generous amount of creativity.  Michal J. Cerny and his team challenge themselves to exceed in architecture and design.  Consequently, they are a company where innovation is the norm.

As they design your home, they will ensure that they design floor plans that flow naturally, work logically to your lifestyle (sounds easy, but too many architects design homes to praise their own egos); Ambassador designs floor plans for both function and style equally.

They design elevations that have a distinct sophistication, yet balance taking into account the community, the latest products & technology and today’s design trends.  From an entertainer’s delight, to the private minded, each home that Ambassador builds is a marquee that has set a standard other high-end custom home builders have aspired to reach.

Through the integration of their old-world artisans and new world technologies, along with their high-end building materials and fabricators, Ambassador puts together the core ingredients required to build ultra-luxury custom homes. Add to that their 35 years’ experience in multi-site project management and operations across North America, built on integrity and family values, the client gets a winning formula which results in a true world class executive home that will surpass the expectations of the most affluent home owner.

Superb design, quality craftsmanship, quality materials and attention to detail; these elements show in every home they build, working together to produce a home that is beautiful to the eye, the hand, and the heart.  Quality is immediately apparent in the materials they select and the skillful workmanship of their stone masons, carpenters, cabinetmakers, wrought iron smiths and plaster artisans. 

Where exterior designs with comprehensive limestone architectural details or contemporary metal panelling with commercial sized windows; interior masterpieces with true professional gourmet kitchens, residential elevators, car lifts with underground parking, cavernous master suites and 20ft high great rooms are the norm.

Veracity ensures that your home is crafted with care from the ground up; Ambassador’s experience in project management along with their shared taste and appreciation for the better things in life means you can trust them to be as demanding as you would be in the careful design and execution of your plans, and as proud as you will be of your new home.  Their attention to detail shows in every aspect of construction from formatting detailed budgets and schedules, to the utmost attention to the smallest of details during the construction of your home. 

As construction of your new home gets started, Ambassador’s Construction Software adds another layer of communication and project updates that separates them from most other builders.

Part of Ambassador’s Building Science includes the responsibility of coaching the client throughout the design and build process, ensuring that all four segments of the project are balanced (cost, quality, time and scope of work), as well as managing all four segments throughout the construction process through the various on line tools that they have available for their clients.

Ambassador’s vision is to earn the loyalty of their clients by constructing uniquely designed, premium quality homes with the highest of standards through the use of their streamlined construction practices and project management processes; 

Building Trust. Creating a Lifestyle.

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Ambassador Fine Custom Homes Inc. has been working with some of their trades for almost two decades, while many others over a decade.  They have spent countless amount of energy working on these relationships, coaching and working with the trades in a true team like relationship so as to elevate the quality of workmanship to what has become known as the Ambassador Standard.

Whilst they are loyal to their trades, their priority is and always will be with the client.  Each of the 164 work breakdown structure unit line items in the Budget is carefully scrutinized by getting quotations from other trades/fabricators/suppliers/artisans, comparing the pricing to those currently used with a view of keeping everyone honest; not assuming they will get the next project, the costing transparent and keeping the integrity in the process.




As construction of your new home gets started


There is a flurry of excitement and anticipation by the client as the construction gets started.  Months of planning are actually coming to fruition.  Constant communication from Ambassador Fine Custom Homes Inc.’s staff continues via emails, texts and phone calls as well as onsite meetings.  Cashflow projections, interior design decision making deadlines and progress reports are amongst the myriad of subject matters that will keep you ahead of the curve.  No last minute decisions or payment requirements.  Everything planned upfront and presented with plenty of notice so that your custom build can be the enjoyable experience it should be.


A sampling of one of our Traditional homes:


A sampling of one of our Contemporary homes:


The weather, detailed construction photo documentation and description of work that occurred are all part of the daily Site Diary update


The Gantt Chart is updated bi-weekly giving you a clear picture as to the progress of the project relative to its projected time line, whether it is leading or lagging overall and actual times to complete individual stages of the build

The 164 work breakdown structure unit line item Budget is updated with actual costs by category, sub-category and percentages, so you know with complete confidence exactly where every dollar is going and how it compares to the planned budget.