reat Rooms

     t is commonly known that there are a few key rooms in every home of any size, whether row housing, semi-custom or full design/custom built that lend themselves to extra scrutiny and have a certain unspoken pre-requisite requirement to stand out and above the rest of the rooms in the residence; they must have a ‘wow’ factor.  As you flip through the individual room pages, you will find that we have repeated these first three paragraphs for emphasis with each room page. 

     e feel that Ambassador Fine Custom Homes is relied upon as an expert, offering an expert opinion not only to suit the needs of the immediate family, but to surpass the requirements of the niche market when it comes to re-sale value, as this will be the largest financial, and emotional, investment most people make in their lives.

     s obvious as these common sense observations are, it is surprising just how many custom home builders don’t exercise building according to the common knowledge available to them.  At Ambassador Fine Custom Homes you will find that all our rooms get this special kind of attention. 

     hat being said, you will find that our GREAT ROOMS will take your breath away.  Often, people are in awe of this spectacular formal entertainment area; 20 ft high ceilings with deep coiffure artisan made on-site plaster decorative ceiling finishes and plaster wall paneling; floor to ceiling panoramic high-efficiency windows  and the Pie’ce De’ Re’sistance - a floor to ceiling imported hand carved marble fireplace and over mantel weighing in at some 6500 lbs surrounded by exotic hardwood flooring with custom design borders.  Truly a master piece and often the centre of the house from which all the 6 ft wide hallway axis and foyer intersect from and lead to other rooms within the manor.  Very traditional, very formal.

*The Above are Samples of Great Rooms